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Policy Advocacy

Looking for the latest information on voting-related legislation in Missouri?  MOVPC is currently tracking more than 60 voter access bills in our 2023 Missouri Voting Rights Legislative Tracker.  Click on the Bill Tracker button below to see a complete list of the bills by topic, with accessible summaries, talking points, and up-to-date status, plus links to submit testimony.

MOVPC coordinates statewide policy analysis, tracking, training and advocacy on state and federal policy impacting ballot access in Missouri. We engage in advocacy with elected officials, and election officials to uplift best practices and promote voting reforms.

Our Issues

This legislative session we're closely tracking bills related to three policy priorities: 

1. The Citizen Initiative Process

For more than a century, Missourians across the political spectrum have made their voices heard through the initiative petition process; it is one of the purest forms of democratic participation. Resolutions introduced in this session attack the process by (1) making it harder for citizens to place initiative petitions on the ballot by increasing the number of signatures advocates must obtain, and/or (2) making it harder for measures to pass once on the ballot. This will make the process virtually impossible for most citizen grassroots efforts. Lawmakers should reject efforts to make direct democracy more difficult.

2. Restrictive Photo ID

Photo ID provisions imposed by several bills eliminate non-photo forms of ID Missourians currently rely upon to verify their identity (such as a voter registration card from the election authority or a Missouri student ID). More than 200,000 Missouri voters lack a non-expired ID with the Department of Revenue, with voters of color, seniors, and voters with disabilities being the least likely to have a non-expired state ID. The Missouri Supreme Court has previously found strict photo ID requirements unconstitutional.

3. Adequate Voting Options

Current bills moving through the legislature would allow no-excuse absentee voting but only to certain voters who can appear in person at the election office with ID – leaving out people who cannot get to the election office during limited hours, such as the elderly, shift workers, ill, or vulnerable voters, and thousands without a photo ID. Voters who need ballots by mail must meet one of the limited reasons to vote absentee – and having to work, being elderly, having health conditions, or caretaker obligations alone are not valid reasons. Further hindering and disenfranchising communities, HB1455 and HB2113 make it illegal to solicit or help voters get and submit applications for absentee ballots. Most states allow all voters to get a ballot by mail; Missouri should too.

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