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Voter Eligibility & Registration

Download a print-ready informational card HERE.


Who Can Register?

Any Missouri resident who is a US Citizen, will be 18 by Election Day, has not been declared legally incompetent, and is not currently serving time, or on probation or parole from a felony conviction, can register to vote. 

When Should You Register? 

  • When you turn 18 (or at age 17 1/2 if you will turn 18 by Election Day)

  • If you’re age 18 or older and have never registered  

  • When you attain eligibility by becoming a US citizen or regain eligibility by getting “off paper” from a felony conviction 

  • When you move to Missouri from another state  

What is the Deadline? 

New voters must register to vote at least 4 weeks prior to the election date in order to be eligible to vote in that election. There are limited exceptions for people who move to Missouri after the voter registration deadline; those people should contact their local election authority or 1-866-OUR-VOTE (a non-partisan voter help hotline).  

Updates to an existing registration, like a name change, an address change within the same county/election jurisdiction, or reactivating from inactive status, can be done anytime, including on Election Day. Missouri voters who move to a new county can update their registration and vote on Election Day, but may need to do so at their election authority office.

How Do I Register?

Use a Paper Form: Download it here for printing by choosing "Print & Mail Your Application" or have a form mailed to you by choosing "Request an Application to Be Mailed."

Make sure to fill the form out completely, including: 

  • checking the boxes verifying citizenship & age

  • providing the last 4 digits of your SSN# or your DL #

  • using your complete street address

  • providing your phone number or email so they can contact you if you forgot something

  • signing the completed form before submitting it

Voter Registraton Form.jpg

Register OnlineFind the online form here by choosing "Submit Online Voter Registration Application."

You will need to use a touchscreen device such as an iPad, tablet, or smartphone since you will need to sign the form. 

Need help? You can watch a short video outlining how to register online here.

Keep Your Registration Current 
You should always be registered to vote at the address where you currently live, so make sure you submit address changes to the election authority every time you move! 

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